FROM ACCEPTANCE TO CELEBRATION: an online psychoeducational group for caregivers of gender expansive youth, ages 10+.
Co-facilitated by SOJOURN and Jewish Family & Career Services clinicians.
Starting June 2021.
For more information of to register, contact Rebecca Stapel-Wax at
(link coming soon)

drawing from the well water drop

Every Friday at 12 pm ET⁠
Everyone is welcome to experience the magic of inclusive community during Drawing from the Well. ⁠

Drawing from the Well is SOJOURN's inclusive weekly meetup for LGBTQ+ Jews and allies.

Participants gather in community to discuss and connect around resources from the Torah Queeries, Mussar teachings, holidays and happenings in the world. Each week people download their thoughts and experiences and upload information and new perspectives from each other. Topics have included: Fear, Activism, Polyamory, Staying Hidden, Bisexuality, Wonder Woman, Elections, Racial Inequity, and more.

Carve out your self-care time and join us! ⁠

Drawing from the Well⁠
Every Friday at 12 pm ET⁠
via Zoom:


Intersection of Ability, Gender & Sexual Diversity

We facilitate online conversations and address gender and sexual diversity, access for those with various neurological and physical abilities, and the needs of individuals who live at the intersection of these identities. Our goal is to help ensure that all people, regardless of ability, can find safe spaces to talk about gender and sexuality, find social networks, and feel a sense of belonging. This project is presented in partnership with Compassionate Atlanta, a non-profit that seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of compassionate action throughout the Greater Atlanta area.


Within a matter of months last year, I was in a major car crash at work, lost my job as a fire chief because of discrimination after coming out at work, my car died, my spouse left me, and I became homeless after losing my house. SOJOURN didn’t hesitate and found me a safe place to stay that same day. I cried when I saw the place, it was certainly nicer than my car and so much more than I expected. 

Within a week, (they) called me and said she had found me a more long-term place to stay, in truth, (they) had six places I could go.  Without the good work of SOJOURN, I never would have reached the healing space I’m in now. I am forever indebted. I can never return in gratitude what I have received and can only resolve to be bound forever in loving friendship and attempt to equal their efforts. ~Rachel M.

When I initially contacted you, it was after a night spent planning my own suicide. Sojourn … yanked me from the jaws of death. I truly feel like myself for the first time ever, with no one I'm expected to be, and no role I'm expected to play. I didn't realize how much self-hatred and shame I carried around. Thank you!   ~Rebekah S.

Purim Off Ponce
Coming Spring 2022