Happy Pride!

The Atlanta Pride Committee made the responsible decision to halt all in-person events for Pride Weekend, October 8-10, 2021. However, we'll still be celebrating virtually with the Atlanta Jewish community!

All throughout the month of October, we'll be highlighting our Pride Partners - all the organizations who would have marched with us as part of the BIGGEST Jewish Pride coalition in the South. Instead of seeing everyone's faces during the parade, we'll have a parade of messages from Jewish organizations across Atlanta to celebrate our incredible community.⁠

On Sunday, October 10 at 12 PM, we'll be hosting a virtual parade kickoff via Zoom. There will be music, dancing, performances, and the opportunity to wear all your best rainbow gear! ⁠

On Wednesday, October 13, SOJOURN will be appearing on Who Knows One?, the popular Facebook Live game show all about Jewish community and connection. Tune in as we laugh, compete, and share National Coming Out Day with Jews across the country.⁠

Information for Pride Partners

Our Pride Partners are local synagogues, business, and community organizations that join us as part of our Jewish Pride Coalition at Atlanta Pride each year.

If you want to join us in 2021 as a part of the biggest Jewish Pride coalition in the South, then please fill out this form.

  • Throughout the month of October, we'll be highlighting each of our Pride Partner organizations with a short video clip on social media, during which you'll get to talk a little bit about your work, your community, or what Pride means to you.
  • On October 10 at noon, when the Pride parade would have stepped off, we'll be hosting SOJOURN's own virtual Pride celebration! There will be music, dancing, coordinated Zoom backgrounds and the opportunity to wear all of your best rainbow gear. If your community was looking forward to taking part in Pride festivities with the Atlanta Jewish community, this is a great way to capture some of that joy.
  • The deadline to confirm your registration as a Pride Partner is September 1.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rose at communications@sojourngsd.org or Rebecca at rebecca@sojourngsd.org.