This year, the Atlanta Pride Committee made the responsible decision to halt all in-person events for Pride Weekend, October 8-10, 2021. However, we still celebrated virtually with the Atlanta Jewish community!

All throughout the month of October, we highlighted our Pride Partners - all the organizations who would have marched with us as part of the BIGGEST Jewish Pride coalition in the South. Instead of seeing everyone's faces during the parade, we had a parade of messages from Jewish organizations across Atlanta to celebrate our incredible community.⁠ You can hear hear from some (but not all!) of SOJOURN's Pride Partners here - check us out on Instagram @sojourngsd for more!

⁠On Wednesday, October 13, SOJOURN will be appeared on Who Knows One?, the popular Facebook Live game show all about Jewish community and connection. We laughed, competed, and shared National Coming Out Day with Jews across the country.⁠ You can relive the action here!