SOJOURN seeks to provide resources that students, teachers, clergy, and communities can use to welcome gender and sexually diverse people; address gender equity and gender roles; enhance Judaic learning, and to prevent suicide. 

LGBTQ Guide to Jewish Atlanta (2019)

The LGBTQ Guide to Jewish Atlanta highlights Jewish organizations in and around Metro Atlanta that are affirming to gender and sexually diverse individuals. Atlantans can use this guide as a resource to find available services and join welcoming communities. SOJOURN believes that there is a place for everyone within the Jewish community, and our guide can make that just a little bit easier.

GSD 101 Booklet

This booklet includes some basic terms and information when it comes to GSD inclusion. If you have already attended a SOJOURN workshop, this booklet will reiterate in some places, as well as provide accessible reference images and some elaboration that could be helpful along the way. Please use this as a reference guide for your continued education, and as a place to start if you'd like clarification on common GSD terms and ideas.