SOJOURN seeks to provide resources that students, teachers, clergy, and communities can use to welcome gender and sexually diverse people; address gender equity and gender roles; enhance Judaic learning, and to prevent suicide. 

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What is gender and sexual diversity?

The term “gender and sexual diversity” refers to the infinite variations on gender expression, sexuality, and the combinations thereof that can inform a person’s identity.

As our notions of binaries in both gender and sexuality are eroding, it’s becoming clear that not everyone whose gender or sexuality differs from the heterosexual, cisgender norm sees themselves fully represented by one of the categories in the LGBTQIA+ acronym.

“Gender and sexual diversity” also provides space for people still figuring out who they are to exist within the community without having to attach themselves to definitive labels.

SOJOURN uses “gender and sexually diverse” – or the acronym “GSD” – to refer to the community that we serve and advocate for.