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Sojurn Board of Directors retreat 2024

SOJOURN's Board, Staff, and Advisory Council

SOJOURN was founded in 2001 as The Rainbow Center. Supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, it was a central point to promote change and inclusion for LGBTQ+ Jews and people of all faiths throughout metro Atlanta. As the country’s social and political attitudes evolved, The Rainbow Center experienced enormous growth.

In 2013, the Rainbow Center was renamed SOJOURN: the Southern Jewish Resource Network for Gender and Sexual Diversity. We think of our work as a "sojourn," a temporary stay, and we are home on the journey to full inclusion.

In 2015, SOJOURN was honored as the Grand Marshal at the Atlanta Pride Parade, and was a recipient of the Philip Rush Community Builder Award from Georgia Equality.

SOJOURN remains committed to growing and expanding educational programming, outreach, and advocacy through the South, both in the Jewish and general communities. Our website and social media continue to be a destination for support and resources for LGBTQ people and their families. We have reached over 20,000 people since our inception and have organized the Jewish community at Pride to increase solidarity, partnerships, and inclusion.

Rebecca Stapel-Wax,
Executive Director

Rabbi Joshua Lesser,

SOJOURN'S Board of Directors

Simone Bonnejonne, Board Chair

Rebecca Leary Safon, Vice Chair

Elizabeth Chesnut, Treasurer

Harrison Bleiberg, Secretary

Julia Kunis, Community Investment

Members At Large

Eric Miller

Jen Slipakoff

Zen Neer

Janet Ziffer

Jenni Person

Vivienne Diaz


McKenzie Wren
Special Projects Manager

Rose Kantorczyk
Communications and Legislative Affairs Coordinator