GSD 101


SOJOURN’s GSD 101 program helps schools, nonprofits, synagogues, and other organizations who are looking to authentically welcome members of GSD (Gender and Sexually Diverse) communities.


What you can expect from GSD 101:

  • A review of the changing field of terminology around gender and sexual diversity
  • Discussion of biases, stereotypes, discrimination, micro-aggressions, and the progression of how hate grows
  • Participants will learn how everyday actions can create (or destroy) a sense of welcoming and comfort for our friends, families, and communities
  • Helps participants explore the messages they received about gender roles and sexual orientation
  • Covers ways that teachers, staff, and community members can be supportive allies

If you're interested in bringing GSD 101 to your congregation, school, or organization, please email McKenzie at [email protected].