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Pride Inside launched the SOJOURN Queer Artist Relief Fund, which provides mini-grants supporting critical needs of artists whose livelihoods have been impacted by COVID-19. With events, performances, and conferences across the country canceled, the hospitality industry closure, growing travel restrictions, significant health threats, cross-sector lay-offs, and social distancing recommendations, artists are facing severe career disruption and loss.

Apply here for the SOJOURN Queer Artist Relief Fund


SOJOURN is a resource for educating, advocating, actively doing outreach and doing direct support to affirm and empower queer people - Jewish and not, all across the South


The future holds great promise for SOJOURN and the people we support. We are looking forward to:

  • Creating a transgender directed education curriculum;
  • Growing LGBTQ youth leadership programs;
  • Expanding our Welcoming Community’s work to two additional southern cities; and,
  • Continuing to monitor legislative initiatives that enhance LGBTQ people’s lives

Join us on this journey to assure fairytale stories for our entire community in the southeast. Donations can be made as a single annual gift or divided across a calendar year.

Thank you for giving as generously as you can. Together, we make a difference to every single person we serve.