SOJOURN-Keshet Shivyon Cohort

LGBTQ+ individuals and our families are a sacred part of our Jewish communities. While many of our institutions consider themselves to be warm and welcoming, too many LGBTQ+ Jews still feel ignored, left out, or even discriminated against and overtly excluded.

That's why SOJOURN and Keshet are collaborating on a program to support Jewish organizations in the Southern U.S. on their journeys to greater gender and sexual diversity. The SOJOURN-Keshet Shivyon Cohort ("shivyon" translates to "equality" in Hebrew!) is a yearlong program in which SOJOURN and Keshet staff will work with Jewish organizations in the South to build or support an LGBTQ+ equality working group.

Southern Leadership Project (2)

When your organization participates in the SOJOURN-Keshet Shivyon Cohort, not only will you and your staff have a better understanding of LGBTQ+ issues as they relate to your community and beyond, you will also have concrete action plans to make your organization as dynamically and radically inclusive as possible. Your organization will have taken the first few important steps in being a place of true equality and belonging for everyone who is and wants to be a part of it.