POP 2021 FAQ


What is Purim Off Ponce?

Purim Off Ponce is the signature fundraiser for SOJOURN, designed to raise critical funds used to affirm and empower LGBTQ+ people across the South by building inclusive communities inspired by Jewish and universal values. On the evening of March 13, SOJOURN will host its 15th annual Purim Off Ponce. This year the signature fundraiser will be the most fabulous drive-in event honoring inspirational youth within the safety of your vehicle, followed by a big screen showing of the cult classic, The Rocky Horror (Hora) Picture Show. 

What does SOJOURN do and who do they serve?

Founded in 2001, SOJOURN (then The Rainbow Center) served as a central point to promote change and inclusion for LGBTQ+ Jews and people of all faiths throughout metro Atlanta. Since its inception, SOJOURN has reached over 20,000 people across the South while building inclusive communities, advocating on issues affecting their constituents, educational and supportive programming. 

Who is Michael Jay Kinsler?  

SOJOURN’s Michael Jay Kinsler Rainmaker Award was named in 2014 to honor Michael Jay Kinsler, an active member of the gay and lesbian founded Congregation Bet Haverim. Michael dedicated his life to ensuring gay and lesbian Jews had a place to worship and find solace and pride. Michael passed away in 2013.

Who will be the recipients of this year’s Michael Jay Kinsler Award? 

This year’s award will recognize LBGTQ+ youth and allies under the age of 21 who inspire and show up as emerging leaders of our collective future. 

What can I expect at Purim Off Ponce this year?

Another great POP event! Although we will be physically-distanced and not dancing on the ballroom floor, we have a great program planned.  We’ll share in a communal Havdalah service, honor our Michael Jay Kinsler Rainmaker Award Honorees, and share the SOJOURN mission in a meaningful way. Following the program, we’ll watch the classic Rocky “Hora” Picture Show together. Fun treats and props will be provided for all to enjoy!

Information is required for entrance into the event per security protocol.  Please Complete this form.

Will Purim Off Ponce follow COVID-19 safety protocols?

Yes! When all guests arrive, they will check-in with security and remain in their own cars during the event to remain safe and distanced. If a guest must exit their vehicle (to go to the restroom), all guests must wear a mask and adhere to social distancing. 

Is the event 21 and up? 

This year Purim Off Ponce is an ALL AGES event (Rocky Horror is recommended for 12+) and we are excited to welcome guests of varying ages to join in the festivities. NO ALCOHOL will be served or is permitted at the event. 

Will food and drinks be served? 

Food and drinks will NOT be provided. In an effort to remain as safe as possible as it relates to COVID-19, please bring your own food and beverages. Feel free to get creative and festive with your food (car picnics, virgin bloody mary’s, etc.). NO ALCOHOL, please.

What should I wear? 

We strongly encourage guests to dress in costumes and festive attire – this is Purim Off Ponce after all! Guests will have the opportunity to showcase their costumes by taking selfies or pictures of their guests and using the hashtag #rockyhora, #20under21, or #PurimOffPonce when posting on social media and those pictures will be displayed on the big screen during the event.
Given the event is outdoors, please do wear weather-appropriate attire or bring blankets if you need them (for inside your car). If you are attending the event to support one of our honorees, feel free to express your support of that honoree however you see fit through your dress or car decor.

If we are distanced in our cars, how will we be able to interact and see other guests? 

Again, we will provide guests with an event-specific social media hashtag that guests can attach to pictures to be projected onto the big screen for all guests to see! We encourage you to share your photos and messages. Please refrain from flashing lights or sounding your horn. Although it is tempting to flash headlights or honk car horns to show solidarity and praise, we are in a residential neighborhood. We are conscious of  those who have sensory sensitivity.

What type of sound system do I need to hear the movie? 

All cars need to have access to an AM/FM radio to hear the movie – this could be through the car or on a portable AM/FM radio. We want to be environmentally conscious too. Running car engines contributes to poor air quality. Bring a battery-powered radio to hear the event and you will significantly reduce the toxins around us.

Will there be smoking areas?

The AA campus is smoke free. Please remain in your car to smoke.

Will there be restrooms at POP? 

Yes, we will have restrooms available for guests to use during the event; however, we will ask that all guests remain 6 feet apart and wear masks while walking to, in line, and using the restroom. Sanitizing stations will also be onsite. 

What happens if there’s bad weather? 

We hope that won’t be the case but we will monitor the forecast up until the event. We will be in communication if weather is an issue. If the conditions become a problem we will reschedule for the following week, on March 20, 2021. 

Any additional questions can be directed to [email protected] or call Rebecca Stapel-Wax at 404-275-4637.

To sponsor the event or to purchase tickets, please visit, https://sojourngsd.org/pop2021.

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