Our workshops focus on giving students, parents, teachers, clergy, and communities the tools to be welcoming for gender and sexually diverse people, Judaic learning, and suicide prevention. Each workshop is customized for the individual group, their needs, and time allotted.


  • EDGE:Early Development for Gender Equity

Engages religious and preschools in synagogues, day schools, and community programs on the effects of gender stereotypes and their ability to counteract gender bias in the classroom and at home. The multi-faceted program with educators, parents, and students includes games, stories, art, film, and song to address the infinite possibilities of gender equity.


  • Becoming an Ally: “GSD 101”

Provides participants with accurate definitions of terms related to sexual orientation and gender identity and increases participants’ comfort level when using these terms. Discussion areas include biases, stereotypes, discrimination, micro-aggressions, and the progression of how hate grows. Participants learn how every day actions can create (or destroy) a sense of welcoming and comfort for our friends, families, and communities.


  • Comprehensive Sex Education for LGBTQ Teens

Thanks to a grant from the Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta, we are in the process of expanding our services for teens by launching a program to provide age-appropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sex education, with the goal of empowering teens to make informed and responsible decisions about sexual health and behavior. Atlanta has one of the highest rates of new HIV infections and teen pregnancies, and Georgia’s schools primarily use abstinence-only curricula, which have shown no impact on delaying sexual initiation or reducing risk behaviors. In this setting, and with states across the south enacting legislation to limit access to reproductive care, this program is desperately needed.


  • Welcoming Communities Project

Through our Welcoming Communities Project, we work intensively with individual organizations and whole communities to ensure that they are truly welcoming to all people. Locally we have worked with The Temple, Temple Sinai, and Jewish Family & Career Services. We have also worked with the city of Birmingham, AL and in 2019, we embarked on a new endeavor in Jackson, MS. We also recently started working with Tapestry Public Charter School. Tapestry is an inclusion public charter school in Atlanta for 6-12thgrade students who are on the autism spectrum, have learning disabilities, or are neuro-typical.